Welcome to The Hidden Arts ( A Harrisburg Tattoo Shop )

The Hidden Arts is a tattoo shop located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. This Tattoo company was developed by Earl Broggin in 2012 after an extensive, aggressive mentor-ship in Trenton New Jersey and in 2007 under Chris Matisa in Lynchburg Virginia. During this time, Earl worked along side and was trained by Joey Matisa who is a well known tattoo artist and was featured in the highly reputable “INKED” magazine and the television show “Best Ink”.
When Earl moved to Harrisburg he found it was difficult to land a job in the tattoo industry because most Harrisburg tattoo shops were fully staffed. Earl knew that doing what he loved in Harrisburg was not going to be as easy a task as he envisioned. One thing he noticed was that the majority of tattoo shops in Harrisburg focused most of their attention on the business side of things and not the art. So, Earl came up with a plan to create a shop that focused more on the quality side of the tattoo industry and not the monopoly. He named the shop “The Hidden Arts” and has had enough success within the three year existence to open a second shop which is also located in Harrisburg on Locust Lane between CD Pizza and GQ Barber shop.


  • Ravyn Curtis-Carroll

    How much would a garter belt be?

  • Shane Hawks

    Hey Earl, this is Shane. I saw on the twitter page that if you leave a message on the website it’s another entry into the drawing for the grand opening. Well this is the only place I saw to write anything so… Hope I’m in the right place haha.

  • Justice McMillan

    How much for a touch up on a small or medium tattoo

  • Lori

    I got a tattoo from Keith about two weeks ago and I absolutely loved my experience there!! He did an amazing job on my tattoo and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. All the staff I met that night was very nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend the hidden arts! Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!

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